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Life and Love as Portrayed through Photography

Photographers deliver pictures, but photographers hope that people also see the intangible benefits rin a photograph. Photography captures a particular subject, yet there's also something in an image we can't actually hold or see. The intangible benefit is that there's the representation of life contained in an image. When a wedding photographer captures the "first kiss," there is in that image the remembrance of the moment when the couple officially seals their love as life partners with the joining of lips. This is what you receive (not merely pictures) when hiring a photographer.  The reason why I enjoy photography is because it allows me the chance to enter people's lives as a guest and provide a service that travels with them through the rest of their lives. Mason Graves Photography was established in Jackson, Ms in 2015 to capture the life and love of the people who I photograph in Mississippi, and it is still joyful work today. There's no intentions

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