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Getting Ready for 2023

Hello, We're officially in the Christmas season since Thanksgiving is out of the way. I wanted to write a short blog post, because well, first, it looks like my last blog post was written over two years ago and, second, a lot has changed since two years ago! For those who don't know, I started providing photography services for central Mississippi in 2015. It was a slow growth at first due to getting a portfolio built up, obtaining client referrals and recommendations, securing booking, etc. The business steadily grew, nevertheless, and by 2019 I was actually starting to make projections about how many weddings I would forecast to book. During the first couple months of 2020 it looked like I was getting ready to book around $4,000 in weddings. I was even about to go ahead and pre-pay my apartment lease for the whole entire year. Then, that's when COVID-19 hit like a ton of bricks! Suddenly 100% of all my weddings and other bookings for the whole entire year cancelled. In or

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